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Writing by the Water



Writing Letters

These are a few of our recent clients. 

Sana B

I had anxiety, depression and  body dysmorphia. Which led me to not leaving the house for months at a time. Initially I had online sessions with Lowri and with gradual exposure therapy Iwas able to have sessions in person and began to feel comfortable outside again. The CBT with Lowri really helped change my beliefs and thoughts and helped me to regain my independence. I do see myself slip here and there but I know how to deal with my feelings now. I'll be forever grateful to Lowri and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs some support. 

Michelle H

Lowri has been fabulous helping me get through some difficult stuff.

Fin S

I am so much more confident than I've ever been. I wasn't sure talking about my anxiety would help but it did. It is something I have kept very hidden. But with Lowri's gentle guidance I have been able to slowly face my fears and learn that its not that bad after all. I am now getting out and about, meeting new people and enjoying my life more than ever 

Chelsea D

Lowri was absolutely fabulous when it came to my CBT therapy. She never once judged my fears and I always felt comfortable with her. She taught me simple coping strategies that still makes a huge difference to my everyday life. I am grateful to have learnt how to practice mindfulness and I will continue to use this daily. Thank you ever so much!

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